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Mori Ranmaru
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Name : Mori Ranmaru
Age : 18
Gender : Male
Height : 5'7
Rank : Samurai/Lieutenant


Personality: The first thing one would always do on seeing Ranmaru would be to mistake him for a girl. Always well-dressed (for the time he's in anyway)- Ranmaru never has a single hair out of place (And neither a toe out of line) and always appears in his best. Unfortunately, this choice of clothing - which was quite normal for his time- ends up making him a little more feminine than he should.

That isn't to say Ranmaru -is- a girly-boy, because he isn't. As a page and helping hand, Ranmaru understands the importance of presentation and makes sure that with his presence, comes proper personality to boot. Very cultured and talented with swords, as well as being fond of education, Ranmaru is a well-groomed young man with a passion for learning. Ask him about any topic under the sun and he'll probably be able to tell you all that he knows. His interest for learning stems from the fact that his Lord who he served appreciated talent and beauty in all forms, which drove the boy to seek out as much as he could to make sure he was never uninteresting. And he loves it, too.

Loyal, Polite, Respectful and perhaps a little mischievious when he has to be, Ranmaru is a pleasant person to be around- until you question his beliefs and arouse his temper. He does not tolerate any blasphemy against his companions or country and is protective to a fault. A determined and fiercely loyal soul, Ranmaru will fight for what is right and help support those who need his aid. He's usually gentlemanly, preferring to not intrude in others' business until his opinion is called apon. Passionate, devoted and strong-willed, he's always ready to lend a hand to his companions and whoever decides him worthy of their presence.


Background: Born and raised in a small village reigned by the Mori clan, Ranmaru was very young when the Oda army of the Demon Lord Nobunaga came through and destroyed their homes amidst a battle with the Akechi warriors. Separated from his family and brothers, Ranmaru was rescued by a then-young Lord Akechi Mitsuhide, who took him under his wing. Mitsuhide was a kind and noble young man, who believed in equality and strength and Ranmaru was soon his devoted page. Wherever Mitsuhide went, Ranmaru accompanied, making sure his Lord never had any troubles. With time he grew inseperable from his Lord, respecting and blindly following every and any decision he made. Ranmaru would have gladly lain his own life down for Mitsuhide had Mitsuhide commanded him to.

His chance came then.

When Ranmaru was sixteen, Mitsuhide decided that they would join the Oda forces after just winning to them in a battle at Mino in which Nobunaga- being impressed by the Akechi army's skill, offered to let them join his forces. Mitsuhide agreed, and they fought in many battles together, Ranmaru catching the eye of the Demon Lord Nobunaga himself. He became a Lieutenant in Nobunaga's army and fought courageously despite this being the very army that had destroyed his home, eventually earning a high rank due to his devotion and steadfast belief in Mitsuhide's words that Nobunaga would one day reign over Japan. With time, Ranmaru's devotion to Nobunaga became steadfast, backed by Mitsuhide's assurance and allowing him to become a high-ranked warrior.

As time went on however, this did not sit well with Mitsuhide, who didn't like the attention Ranmaru had begun to give Nobunaga (and vice versa). Seeds of envy planted , Mitsuhide began to regret his decision after seeing Nobunaga's cruelty as well as the devotion his page was now giving the Demon Lord in the form of respect and devotion. When Ranmaru turned eighteen, it ended up in a dramatic betrayal at the battle of Honnoji, where Mitsuhide separated from Nobunaga's troops, calling him a tyrant and killing him. Shattered that his Lord had betrayed even his trust, going so far as to make him devoted to Nobunaga and then betraying him himself, Ranmaru revolted against Mitsuhide and challenged him at Azuchi, the castle where Ranmaru had been raised with Mitsuhide. After a painful battle in which Mitsuhide begged Ranmaru not to fight him, the devoted bodyguard of Nobunaga and faithful page of Mitsuhide succeeded in taking the life of his own Lord, and a tearful Ranmaru admitted that he'd never stopped believing in Mitsuhide. Mitsuhide, with his dying whisper, hoped Ranmaru and himself would meet in a world with no war- and suffering grief, Ranmaru lived for a short while, dying in battle eventually, and hoping to be reunited with the Lord who'd made his life and ended it.

[This is just his SW1 canon history, disincluding SW2 because that's a different canon altogether. So, um, if things went differently, Mitsuhide and Nobunaga could also have survived, based on the outcomes of their gameplay. XD;; ]



Likes : Lord Mitsuhide, Nodachi, Flower Arranging, Cooking, A Good Battle, Mythology, Art, Kabuki, Peace
Dislikes : People who can't mind their own business, Vulgarity, (Being called a girl), Rudeness, Disrespect of culture.


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